Aeon Town Toyonaka Midorigaoka store reopens


We have reopened on December 1, 2023.

The complete renovation has resulted in a larger sales floor and a new layout that makes shopping easier. In addition to expanding our lineup of refrigerated and frozen products, we have begun selling everyday items such as seasonings, popular ingredients, sweets, and gift items, as well as alcoholic beverages that were not currently available. Increased to 2000 items. With a selection of organic, additive-free, and plant-based products from all over Japan, we offer a friendly lifestyle that allows you to enjoy safe and secure foods.

<Product lineup>
Strengthening seasonal Hokusetsu vegetables with the concept of Hokusetsu x organic,
Products created in collaboration with bakeries and delicatessen stores in the Hokusetsu area will also be available in stores on a daily basis.
We also offer a selection of products produced in Hokusetsu, such as our popular Minoh dressing.