TSUTAYA Takanabe store pop-up


Since the opening of KUMU ORGANIC MARKET, the owner has visited Miyazaki Prefecture many times.

Miyazaki Prefecture has a lot of pesticide-free vegetables and additive-free products that I would like to introduce.
I have.

I was able to do a pop-up of our store in Miyazaki Prefecture, which is indebted to me.

Kansai also has wonderful and delicious additive-free products.
Introducing such KUMU select products to everyone in Miyazaki Prefecture.

We also have KUMU select of additive-free products from Miyazaki Prefecture.

If you are in the area, if you are going to Miyazaki Prefecture for summer vacation, or if you are returning home, please come and have a look.

Venue: TSUTAYA Takanabe store
Period: July 21, 2023 to the end of September 2023

Organic strawberry collaboration product


Collaboration with Miyazaki’s first organic strawberry farm “BERRY FARM” in “Maman Marche Takanabe” in Takanabe Town, Miyazaki Prefecture!
We made 3 types of jam, butter, and syrup using organic strawberries!